How To Decorate Your Summer Home



The home should be an extension of its owner, mimicking his or her personality with colorful, elegant drapes and décor. At BRG Homes, the clients are often encouraged to speak their mind— all-together avoiding what the industry has dubbed ‘style paralysis.’ Once the creativity flows in abundance, we can then begin the process of creating some of the most amazing works of art.

One of our most recent projects, a real beauty, sits on the penthouse floor at the St. Regis Bal Harbour, a prominent hotel and residential condo with impeccable amenities and concierge services. The client, a Brazilian family of three, wanted its new summer home to capture a vibrancy that would elevate and soothe.


BRG_PH4-Living-A 1.jpg

The living room and dining area, which are clothed in natural wood veneers, share an open floor plan with sophisticated wood panels integrated between spaces. The areas also provide the unit with a contemporary identity, hosting an array of modern furniture developed by BRG Homes furniture line, and drenched in exclusive colors to warm up the place while blending into the all-white kitchen.


BRG-PH4S_MasterBed 1.jpg

The master bedroom is large in size, but designed for relaxation. The soft fabric in the room warms up the place and gives it the warm, dreamy feel of a midday summer’s slumber. If that’s not enough, the master bedroom blends the outside with inside, using windows that stretch from floor to ceiling, and gives the illusion of a ‘floating’ atmosphere. The rest of the décor, much like the unit in general, is simple and refined.

The daughter’s room, which is smaller in scale, is colored in white, but works textures and shapes to seem all but plain. The wall art and furniture blend nicely to showcase the vibrancy of the room. Who said white isn’t elegant, right?


Matias Alem