5 Decor Ideas To Set Up Your Table for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is not only the beginning of the holiday season, but a time to cherish family and friends. So it’s only right to set the stage with the kind of décor that not only captures autumn, but one that amplifies the holidays as a whole.

Here are some of the best table decorations to set the mood!


The first on our list is this Southern-inspired table, which Gadabout created for The Glitter guide. The décor blends deep tones and natural elements, with gold napkin rings to add the filling on top of an elegantly aesthetic setup.



One could never go wrong with tradition, and this table setting uses the classic pumpkin to capture the beauty of autumn. It brings the natural bounties to your dinner table with branches and small gourds. Everyday Occasions really set up the table following the traditional principle of Thanksgiving with candlesticks and baby pumpkins.



The most sophisticated things in life are always clothed in the simplest colors. In this case, the historic holiday is blended with a modern element. Casa de Perrin designed this festive table with pumpkins in an array of colors, shapes and sizes. To balance the centerpiece, the earthly tones and seasonal herbs are also tied with twine.


Spice up your holidays by adorning your table with tangerines, like Annabode + Co. did on the image above. The fruit adds a modern element to a traditional stage associated with gourds. This deign puts the ultimate spin on your Thanksgiving dinner. Try something new!


And to conclude the list, mix it up with a color scheme that will definitely appease all of your guests. The color blue, despite being everyone’s favorite, is a sophisticated choice that can mesh well with the fall season. Here, Celebrating Everyday Life uses the blue décor, which incorporates the chocolate brown accents with pinecones, to capture the elegance of autumn. 

Matias Alem